Hernanes: &#0创业赚钱项目之装饰品店39;Lazio deserved it'

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“His rapport has to change, because the fans had a few problems, but now the team has improved a great deal. We really deserved this win,” concluded the Brazilian.

“This was a deserved Lazio victory that 皇冠外围投注we were missing,” said Hernanes after the final whistle.

The B21点官网iancocelesti fought back from a goal down to beat arch-rivals Roma 2-1 in the derby with a penalty and the last-gasp Miroslav Klose winner.

Coach Edy Reja was particularly overjoyed at the victory, as he had previously lost all four derbies and this was the main reason for his unpopularity with the fans.

Hernanes celebrated a “deserved Lazio victory that we were missing and tried to achieve in every possible way.”

“We tried to achieve it in every possible way, then at the end Matuzalem's spectacular assist and Klose's cool head put the ball in th在线外围投注e net.

“We really needed this win and this performance. Now we have to continue improving. It feels like a weight has been taken off our shoulders.”